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Pool Supply Product Catalog
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Pentair FNS60 Plus DE Filter
Pentair FNS60 Plus DE Filter
Valve Sold Separately
Order 261152 for 2" plumbing or 261177 for 1-1/2" plumbing

The filter that delivers crystal clarity

FNS® Plus Filters feature the same, superior curved grid design as the FNS®, but with a fiberglass reinforced polypropylene body for advanced chemical resistance and superior strength.


  • Superior strength
  • Service-Ease grid pack
  • Continuous High Flow internal air relief*
  • 100% factory tested
  • Top-to-bottom backwash
  • High Flow manual air relief valve
  • Tension Control clamp
  • Black valves and plumbing
  • 1-1/2in. bottom clean out port
  • 7-1/2in. centerline bulkhead fittings

Product Specifications

Turnover Capacity (In Gallons)
ProductFilter Area (Sq Ft)Optimal 1 Performance at this GPMFlow Rated 2 at .375 - 1 GPM (per sq ft)8 Hour10 Hour12 hourD.E. Required (Lbs)Carton QtyCarton Wt (Lbs)
180007FNSP36 136723456043200518403.6170
180008FNSP48 148964608057600691204.8180
180009FNSP60 1601205760072000864006190


ProductDescriptionApprox. Ship. Weight (lbs.)
2610472 in. PVC Slide valve w/o plumbing, for D.E. & sand filters 31
2610492 in. HiFlow valve, no plumbing 31
2611422 in. HiFlow valve with plumbing for D.E. filters 31
2611522 in. MPV, threaded for D.E. filters 31
2611652 in. PVC Slide valve for D.E. filters 3 & sand filters1
2611771-1/2in. MPV, threaded for D.E. filters 31
2630342 in. ABS Slide valve 31

1: NSF Listed.
2: Flow rate is based on 2 GPM per sq. ft. of filter area. Actual system flow will depend on plumbing size and other system components.
3: Valves must be purchased separately.

Item #FNS60-180009

List price: $942.09  Discounted price $809.48


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