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Pentair VS3050 - 4x160 IntelliFlo Pump
Pentair VS3050 - 4x160 IntelliFlo Pump

The world's most intelligent pumps are a "no brainer"

A breakthrough in energy-efficiency and service life, the IntelliFlo® VS-3050 Variable Speed Pump allows programming for four different speeds for different pool, spa or water features applications. By dialing in the minimum speed required for a task, the pump works less and uses less energy. Pump speeds are easily adjusted with the push of an up or down arrow button.

An Eco Select Choice: Standard pool pumps can consume as much energy as all other home appliances combined-often costing more than $1,000 per year! IntelliFlo® VS-3050 Variable Speed Pump pumps can typically cut energy use by 30% to 90%, generally saving $324 to $1,356 in utility costs annually...more where rates are higher than average.*

*Savings based on comparison pump running between 3.6 and 12 hours per day at the national average of 15 cents/kilowatt hour in a 20,000 gallon pool.

Pentair's VS 3050 Intelliflo PoolPump (4x160) is designed to handle many of your water applications for your pool, spa, waterscape, and other water feature applications. This pumps operates at maximum system flow of 160 gpm, and the variable spped pump can operate at 750, 1500, 2350 and 3110. The Intelliflo 4x160 can be adjusted from the control panel to run at any speed from 400-3450 RPM's for different applications. The LED control panel will warn the user against under and over voltage, high temperature, over current and freeze protection. The Intelliflo 4x160 is energy efficient operating at 92% efficiency at 3450 RPM's and 90% efficiency at 1000 RPM's.


  • Typically slashes energy costs up to 30% or more
  • Easy to program and operate
  • Offers ultra-quiet operation ... just 7 - 10 decibels or half a human whisper
  • Operates at the minimum speed required for unmatched longevity
  • Compatible with other pool systems,
    including EasyTouch®, IntelliTouch® and SunTouch

Product Specifications

IntelliFlo VS-3050 Pump
ProductDescriptionVoltageFull Load AmpsCord LengthCarton Wt (Lbs)
011013IntelliFlo VS-3050 Pump123016N/A
Item #011013-VS34X160

List price: $1267.94  Discounted price $1092.77


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