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Pool Supply Product Catalog
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Dolphin Dynamic Robotic Pool Cleaner
Dolphin Dynamic Robotic Pool Cleaner
*Recommended for Pools up to 20'x40'.
*Scrubs and Vacuums Entire Pool Floor, Walls and Waterline.
*Operates independently of Pool Pump and Filter.
*Vacuums and Microfilters water-Like adding another filter to your pool
*Exclusive Corner Cleaning Movement
*Save up to 50% on Electricity Costs
*Saves up to 30% on Chemical Cost
*No Installation Required
*Two Drive Motors and Split Roller Brush for Enhanced Maneuvering
*Remote Control-Joy Stick manually Guides the DOLPHIN, or Customize                Cleanining Program- Wall & Floor or Floor only, CycleTime,Pool Shape & size
*Built-in Air Sensor- Suitable for beach entry pools
*Machine-Washable Filter Bag
*Automatic Shut0Off after 5 hours
*Self-contained 1200 sq. inch Reusable filerBag- Microfilters Conaminants
*36-Month Warranty on Motors/ One year Full Warranty
*50' Self-Floating cable with Kevlar Strenghener
*Water-Cooled Motors, No Oil to Leak
*90 Minute Automatic shut-off
*Works with Multiple Units in Pool
  Shipping Weight 65 lbs.  Item #DL 2020

List price: $1259.99  Discounted price $1129.95


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