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HAYWARD EC65A Perflex Modular DE Filter Only
Hayward EC65A Perflex Modular DE Filter Only (motor not included)
For Inground pools up to 40,800 gallons
(picture for illustrations purposes only)

Get the Perflex Advantage.

The most efficient dirt remover known for swimming pool filtration.

Hayward Perflex D.E. filters provide the deepest, most comprehensive clean, removing microscopic dust and pollen as small as one micron - one hundred times smaller than a grain of salt.

Completely clean in one pass.

Hayward Perflex D.E. filters take care of debris the first time through, so you can run it fewer hours per day. That adds up to big savings on your electric bill. And Hayward Perflex D.E. filters need only three or four charges of D.E. powder per season, because each charge keeps your pool clean for four weeks.

It's all in the flex.

Patented Flex-TubesTM make the Hayward Perflex D.E. filter unique. D.E. filter powder coats the tubes and traps dirt and impurities as they pass through the filter. When the accumulated dirt builds up pressure and decreases the flow, conventional filters require backwashing. But with the Hayward Perflex D.E. filter, simply move the unique "Bump" handle up and down a few times to automatically
activate the Flex-Tubes, Perflex filters do not repositioning the dirt and require backwashing. D.E. within the filter and Just "Bump" to extending the filter cycle. regenerate. The entire process takes less. And since Perflex cleans than a minute without backwashing, you'll save hundreds of gallons of treated pool water, eliminating the problem of wastewater disposal while conserving energy.

Item #EC65A

List price: $677.95  Discounted price $478.50


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