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Pool Supply Product Catalog
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Jacuzzi Impeller Part # 05380308R
Jacuzzi Impeller Part # 05380308R
  List price: $71.47  Discounted price $59.77

Jandy Neverlube Valve Handle "BLACK"
Handle for Jandy Neverlube Valve - Color BLACK
  List price: $31.28  Discounted price $27.55

JACUZZI 75 sq ft Cartridge (Unicel Cartridge)
JACUZZI 75 sq ft Cartridge C-9475 (Unicel Cartridge)
  List price: $81.98  Discounted price $68.85

JACUZZI 150 sq ft Cartridge (Unicel Cartridge)
JACUZZI 150 sq ft Cartridge C-9478 (Unicel Cartridge)
  List price: $81.98  Discounted price $68.85

JACUZZI 80 sq ft Cartridge (Unicel Cartridge)
JACUZZI 80 sq ft Cartridge C-9480 (Unicel Cartridge)
  List price: $84.76  Discounted price $71.98

JACUZZI 120 sq ft Cartridge (Unicel Cartridge)
JACUZZI 100 sq ft Cartridge C-9481 (Unicel Cartridge)
  List price: $122.77  Discounted price $102.90

JACUZZI 160 sq ft Cartridge (Unicel Cartridge)
JACUZZI 160 sq ft Cartridge C-9482 (Unicel Cartridge)
  List price: $102.64  Discounted price $89.97

JACUZZI 100 sq ft Cartridge (Unicel Cartridge)
JACUZZI 100 sq ft Cartridge (Unicel Cartridge)
  List price: $92.15  Discounted price $70.25

Shaft Seal PS-200
PS-200 Shaft Seal
Needed when changing motors
Fits the Following Pumps:
Aqua-Flo Mfg#
 Circ-Master 92500151
 Dominator 92500150
 Flo-Master 92500150
 Tub-Master 92500150 
Arneson Mfg.#
 Pool-Sweep A-8
Baker Mfg# 
DoughBoy Mfg#
  306-1002 & 306-1006
Hayward Mfg# SPX1250XZ2
 Cast Iron SPX1250XZ2
Jacuzzi Mfg# 
  Cygnet 10-0002-06
  A Series 10-0002-06
  J, JCM Series 10-0002-06
  K, KM Series 10-0002-06 
  LCM-Series 10-1436-00
  LCU-Series 10-1436-00
  LR-Series  10-0002-06
  Vector 10-0002-06
Pentair / PacFab Mfg# 
 Challenger  354545
 Dynomite  354545
 Dynmo  354545
 Dynatron 354545
 Pinnacle  354545
StaRite Mfg#
 Dura-Glas 17304-0100S
 Max-E-Glas 17304-0100S

  List price: $20.99  Discounted price $15.49

Shaft Seal PS-201
PS-201 Shaft Seal
Needed when changing motors
Fits the Following Pumps:
American Products Mfg#
 Americana 395005
 Bronze-Noryl 305005
Hayward Mfg#
 Max-Flo SPX1600Z2
 SuperPump SPX1600Z2
 SuperPump II SPX1600Z2
Jacuzzi Mfg#  
 Magnum  10-1502-09
 RC-Series 10-1502-09 
Pentair / PacFab Mfg# 
 HydroPump 354001
StaRite Mfg# 
 DJ / JS / JT Pro-Series U109-358SS Pre-01/01 
 Dura-Glas II U109-358SS
 Dura-Glas II U109-372SS Pre-1998
 Dura-Jet  U109-358SS
 Dura-Glas / Dyna-Max U109-358SS
 Dyna-Jet 17351-0101S
 JW / JWPA Series U109-358SS 
 Max-E-Glas II U109-358SS
 Max-E-Glas II U109-372SS Pre-1998

  List price: $20.99  Discounted price $15.49

Jacuzzi Seal Kit
Seal Kit for Jacuzzi Magnum Force Pump
  List price: $41.76  Discounted price $32.90

Water Lube 1 Ounce Tube

Water Lube 1 Ounce Tube
For Use On All Rubber O-Ring And Gaskets
 Waterproof, non-toxic, bio-degradeble, prevents rust and corrosion.
  Compatible with plastic, metal and rubber.
  Non-dripping, non-flammable, non-staining and odorless
NOTE: Manufacturers May Vary!!!

  List price: $7.75  Discounted price $5.59


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