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Pool Supply Product Catalog
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PBM Poolguard Door Alarm
  List price: $89.96  Discounted price $59.90

PBM Poolguard Gate Alarm
  List price: $89.96  Discounted price $59.90

POOLGUARD Inground Pool Alarm
PBM Poolguard Inground Pool Alarm
  List price: $249.95  Discounted price $199.90

POOLGUARD Aboveground Pool Alarm
PBM Poolguard Aboveground Pool  Alarm
  List price: $163.25  Discounted price $129.95

Pooleye Aboveground Pool Alarm w/ Remote
SMARTPOOLS Pooleye Aboveground Pool Alarm w/ Remote
  List price: $172.18  Discounted price $139.95

Pooleye Inground Pool Alarm System
SMARTPOOLS Pooleye Inground Pool Alarm System
  List price: $137.44  Discounted price $109.90

POOLEYE Inground Pool Alarm w/ Remote & Water/Air Temp.
 SMARTPOOLS Pooleye Inground Pool Alarm w/ Remote & Water/Air  Temp. Monitor
  List price: $188.30  Discounted price $149.95

YARDGUARD Inground Alarm w/ Perimeter Detector
SMARTPOOLS Yardguard Inground Alarm w/ Perimeter Detector
  List price: $209.36  Discounted price $179.55

YARDGUARD Door Alarm System
SMARTPOOLS Yardguard Door Alarm System
  List price: $45.70  Discounted price $39.95

Yardguard Programmable Door Alarm System
SMARTPOOLS Yardguard Programmable Door Alarm System
  List price: $63.80  Discounted price $49.75

YARDGUARD Alarm Contact Set
SMARTPOOLS Yardguard  Alarm Contact Set
Water - Resistant.
120 db Alarm Siren - Minimum 95db @ 10 feet.

  List price: $22.96  Discounted price $14.95

YARDGUARD Alarm Pass Button
SMARTPOOLS Yardguard  Alarm Pass Button
  List price: $19.48  Discounted price $12.95

Water Lube 1 Ounce Tube

Water Lube 1 Ounce Tube
For Use On All Rubber O-Ring And Gaskets
 Waterproof, non-toxic, bio-degradeble, prevents rust and corrosion.
  Compatible with plastic, metal and rubber.
  Non-dripping, non-flammable, non-staining and odorless
NOTE: Manufacturers May Vary!!!

  List price: $7.75  Discounted price $5.59


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